Sunday, August 22, 2010


A sense of end

And almost-closed chapters

Yet new is on hold

Old and stale

Tired in body and soul

Is spring ready?

Hope and fear

In equal measure wait

Bold goes missing


It’s big and shiny and purple

Too much bling, she said

Like those ones in Vogue

I am not Vogue

A long while

It's been a while.

Putting pen to paper, laboured torture

giving way to that quiet satisaction

Feeding an inexhaustible cyberspace with

tidbits that receive little response.

Feeling pretty, dressing to impress

one who is rarely impressed

Caring enough to summon up that power

peculiar to a female nation.

Dreaming a dream you know exists

in the future, an as yet unseen future

Yet knowing without doubt that

it will be lived even without knowing how.

Oh it's been a really long while.